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Hat and cinema

The 7th art also celebrates Hat. From Charlot to Marlène Dietrich, great classic hats were used in all forms and shapes. Bills, autographs, models show influence reciprocitiy, and above all the extraordinary repercutions amongst the public. Lets remind the movie Borsalino, coming out in 1971 whereas the Fabric of same name was close to Bankrupcy … Borsalino was then saved by the movie.

Years later, other adventurers would give a new birth to hat trade. Indiana Jones or Crocodile Dundee, both in their own ways contributed to hats returning on our heads.

And don't forget movies like a Clockwork Orange or The Blues Brothers, which influenced generations 30 or 40 years after their first issue; often in interaction with Music stars (see Pete Doherty with Blues Brothers trilby hat) !
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