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Hat and Advertising

There was a time when alike any other current consumption article, hat had its own advertising in the streets of our towns. So were advertising posters, amongst them some being still famous : Baumann Poster in Zürich, first issue in 1919 revolutioned graphic arts, - the collection possesses the three editions of it - Cappiello Posters, Coup de Chapeau actual issues being the only actuel witnesses of quality street posters adertising hats, a.s.o.

A very notable Poster is the one of Delion (See Proust's) which ornated Paris' walls at the turn of 19th-20th century. Probably the only remaining poster today.

Also interesting to note that any hatshop had its own game of Clichés for press advertising, or that most of them also proposed hat-boxes stamped with own logos.
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