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Hat manufacturing :
Being the work of the hat-manufacturer (for men's models) or that of the milliner (for ladie's hats), elaborating a hat goes through numerous operations, weather by hand or mechanic, which defy imagination. Only for men's felt hat, there is a whole specialized vocabulary, taking its source in following french locutions : soufflage (blowing), bastissage (constructing), semoussage, foulage (miling), tinting, castorinage, appropriage, formage (forming), apprêtage (hardening), bichonnage sprucing, trimming, before final delivery to hat-retailers. The museum dresses this inventaire "à la Prévert" by the mean of numerous pictures and vintage postcards. An antique chariot from the Borsalino manufacture figures the steps from an operation to another, fur and bodies selections, together with numerous instruments complete this unexhaustive list as a testimony of the high quality and precision of hatter's work.

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